Print Services


Our managed print services can help with your most pressing office needs.

Determine the true costs of creating and using documents

We analyse your existing cost structure at an early stage, including the costs per page, user, device and workgroup. Once this service has been implemented, we provide regular reports. We measure and monitor the often hidden costs of creating and using documents. This helps us understand exactly what gains have been made and where we can create further efficiencies.

Reduce your printing costs

Once we know your true printing costs, we can streamline your operations and reduce waste, while ensuring the right equipment is in the right place to meet the needs of your employees. We further improve control with a timely supply of appropriate consumables and single-point monthly billing. The ultimate goal is to generate sustainable long-term savings and immediate cost reductions.

Improve productivity in your office

You can expect substantial gains in productivity from your new document infrastructure and significantly fewer interruptions. Not only will your fleet be more reliable and better suited to the needs of your business, but you’ll have access to faster workflows and more efficient technology. This will help everyone to work more quickly and productively.

Maximise your return on investment

Most enterprises acquire a wide variety of document systems of different makes and models. Over time, these exceed their useful lifespan. Even modern machines are often deployed inappropriately and suffer from either under- or overuse. Our document experts will ensure each device is deployed for optimum productivity and, where appropriate, new and more efficient devices and workflows are introduced to support the needs of each workgroup. This yields a maximum return on investment.

Experience minimal disruption and maximum efficiency

Before we make any recommendations to the way you create, manage and use documents in your organisation, we determine two things:

(1) will it make a real and sustainable difference in costing and efficiency and

(2) can it be implemented with minimum disruption and seamlessly integrate with your existing processes to deliver the best possible return on investment.

Improve data security

Even accidental interception of confidential information, e.g. documents left lying in a printer’s output tray, can have unfortunate consequences. Deliberate attacks are even more dangerous. We can provide the required levels of security. Solutions range from controlling access to each device to you providing a fully secure document infrastructure, complete with a detailed audit trail and the storage of data at a secure ISO-certified Xerox facility.

Reduce your impact on the environment

Xerox has impressive environmental credentials. From equipment to toner and manufacturing processes to packaging, Xerox has the technology and processes to help you lower your energy and paper consumption, decrease your carbon emissions and reduce your impact on the environment.

Reduce the burden and cost of managing and maintaining your document systems and infrastructure

Once the right equipment is in the right place, we’ll remotely monitor each device and watch for signs that indicate a potential problem. With this early warning system, we can solve the issue before your staff experiences equipment failure. We offer a full range of installation, configuration, help desk, training and technical support services to completely remove the burden of supporting your fleet.


Through rigorous planning and attention to detail, supported by open dialogue and engagement with your workforce, we ensure the transition is as smooth and efficient as possible.

1. Assess

2. Design

3. Implement

4. Manage



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