“Cape Office helped us understand how much money we were wasting on printing with systems that weren’t working properly. They were hands on from the get go and came up with a tailor-made solution.”

– Donovan Muskett Yetts, IT Manager, 99c


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Our multifunction systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of modern organisations.


The fast print and copy speeds of our multifunction devices are complemented by an intelligent design that keeps the whole workgroup more productive. Intuitive ease of use, the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, powerful productivity tools and easy-to-replace consumables help the whole team work smarter, not harder.

True multitasking

Our devices are true multitaskers. You can send a fax while waiting for your copies or scan a document at the same time as printing another. It means no one has to waste time waiting for one job to finish before they can start the next one.

Ease of use

We use large touch-screen control panels to give quick and easy access to every feature. A clear and consistent control menu makes it easy for everyone to master even the most sophisticated functions. The ability to customise it – using the language and processes of your business – boosts productivity even further.

Print Around

Print Around manages the job queue for you. If a job has paused because additional resources are needed, e.g. more of a particular size or type of paper, the jobs behind it are promoted to the front of the queue and completed without delay. The paused job will be completed when the missing resources become available.

Global Print Driver

The Print Driver saves time and effort by eliminating the need to download individual print drivers. And because it’s global it supports any printer, not just ours.

Mobile Express Driver

The Mobile Express Driver is ideal if you travel or work in multiple locations. It helps you find and use a printer no matter where you are. And it doesn’t even have to be a Xerox machine.


Xerox multifunction devices are designed to fit in with the way you like to work, supporting and enhancing your existing workflows. Customised menus with special functions can be added to the touch screen control panel and useful scanning tools make it easy to capture, store, use, share and manage information.

Common Driver Platform

This ensures employees see the same user interface on every Xerox printer and multifunction device in your organisation. If they can use one machine, they can use them all.

Scan to format

Scan to format (Word / Excell)

Scanning to destinations

Scanning to a variety of destinations – either one at a time or several at once – is easy with a Xerox multifunction device. Network Scan, Scan to Mailbox, Scan to Email, Scan to Home and Scan to PC Desktop are all supported. Support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) means that users can search for and enter destinations from your corporate address book.

Thumbnail preview

This function makes it quick and easy to retrieve documents that you’ve scanned to the multifunction device’s mailbox. Simply browse the thumbnails from the front panel display and choose the records you want to print, fax or email.

Dependable security

Xerox WorkCentres are designed to protect your information from all forms of unauthorised access, whether deliberate or accidental. User authentication, password protection and encryption are all deployed to protect your documents from the moment they are created. The individual parts that print, copy, scan and fax are also each protected by their own individual firewalls.

Document security

Xerox multifunction devices protect confidential documents through secure printing and faxing. When sending a print or fax job, you assign a unique PIN. The job is held until the correct PIN is entered at the front panel display. This eliminates the possibility of sensitive documents being left unattended in the output tray. When scanning, you can create password-protected PDFs to protect against unauthorised access.

Device security

Additional security for Xerox office machines can be provided through a number of features including user authentication, unified secure access, audit logging, rejection of ‘junk’ email and faxes, and more.

Hard drive security

The internal hard drive of the Xerox WorkCentre can be protected by two important security features. Files are encrypted as they are created, to prevent unauthorised access. An image-overwrite function can be set to automatically erase residual data by overwriting it with random values.

Network security

Xerox WorkCentres are designed to be as secure as the rest of your network. A firewall restricts access via address and domain filtering, and by blocking the ports that are routinely targeted by hackers. Digitally signed documents and encrypted emails are used to protect information in transit. The fax telephone line is isolated from the rest of the network and cannot be used to gain access. Support for various standards and protocols gives comprehensive protection.


Xerox provides multiple levels of accounting and job control capabilities to help you monitor and reduce running costs. Various tools are provided for restricting the use of colour, setting print quotas and tracking usage.


This tool controls and tracks the use of colour and black and white – by individual users and workgroups. It can be used for setting maximum quotas.


Xerox Standard Accounting software

Xerox Standard Accounting software makes it easy to keep track of how (and when) your multifunction devices are being used. It’s a useful job-based accounting utility that creates reports for all print, copy, scan and fax events – complete with time stamps. The reports, which can be accessed across the network, make it easier to keep control of costs. It also helps you decide the optimum location for each machine.


Network Accounting

The Network Accounting function adds job-based accounting capabilities, which can be integrated with third-party accounting and billing solutions to make it easy to reclaim costs from users.


WorkCentre multifunction systems are easy to use and manage too. Xerox has developed a number of management tools to help you get the best out of your investment, with minimum time and effort.

Bidirectional print drivers

These drivers provide you with real-time information about the system’s consumables, paper and job queue status from your PC.

Meter Assistant

This eliminates the need to take manual meter readings. It automates the process of reporting multifunction system usage data, collecting and securely submitting it to Xerox for guaranteed billing accuracy.

CentreWare Web

This software is a vendor-independent device management solution that can configure, monitor, manage and report on all of your networked printers and multifunction systems, regardless of their make. There’s no need to leave your desk – everything is done from your workstation through browser-based wizards.

CentreWare Internet Services

CentreWare Internet Services run from a web page on the multifunction system. This enables you to perform detailed checks on the operation status and consumable levels, administer system settings, plus manage access and accounting controls, all from any standard web browser.


Behaving in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner is Xerox’s way of doing business. And we follow suit.

Climate protection

We reduce our carbon footprint by cutting energy use in our own operations, and in the operations of our clients, through our energy-efficient products and solutions.

Pollution control

We use chemicals carefully and responsibly. We seek alternatives that are less harmful to the environment.

Biodiversity preservation

We responsibly source paper for resale. Our technologies enable efficient use of paper and we partner with nature conservation to promote good forest practices.

Waste reduction

We strive to reduce waste in our operations and in the use of our products. We responsibly manage the disposition of waste by seeking reuse and recycling options.



Low entry-level cost

Freedom to upgrade or change equipment

100% tax deductible

Repayment periods can be structured to suit your needs

Capital can be reinvested

No need to maintain an asset register of depreciation schedule

Equipment life no longer determined by depreciation periods

Insurance at very competitive rates